[kde-linux] K3B cloning bootable DVD (was Re: Frank K - Posting from foreign address?)

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Mon Dec 29 13:01:35 UTC 2008

On Sunday 28 December 2008, SilentK wrote:
> Thanks for the favor, Kevin. Sorry for the time lapse with my response.
> My problem is with k3b from KDE3.5.9 in a new install of openSuse 11.0.
> I think I have a RW DVD that no longer writes! How would k3b appear if
> ask to copy a DVD using a drive with a hardware problem?

No idea, never had a drive with hardware problems or it was so long ago that I 
do not remember any more.

Try writing a CD or DVD, i.e. like one would do for a backup.

> One other question I think I know the answer to, is will the DVD copy of
> the distro DVD on k3b clone the DVD so it's bootable like the source?

I think so. It most likely copies the image as a whole, which should include 
the boot information.

> So putting the distro DVD into the drive brings up an "auto mount" kind
> of window that gives the choice of "copy DVD" with k3b. Taking that
> selection brings up k3b with the copy DVD menu open.
> The k3b "copy DVD" menu is modal, such that it freezes the main k3b
> menu. Only a read speed selection and the cancel button are active on
> the copy menu.

Did it appear to work, e.g. drive LEDs indicating DVD or harddisk operations?
Copying severel gigabytes of data from the master DVD to the harddisk will 
take quite some considerable time.

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