[kde-linux] kmail and kdewallet

Jim Philips philips_jim at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 28 12:54:39 UTC 2008

On Sunday 28 December 2008 01:22:22 Ryan Rix wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 4:05 PM, Jethro Tull <heavytull at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >  This is a problem that i have already posted about but didn't get any
> > solution.
> >
> > I'm using KDEwallet for passwords for Kopete and kmail. But since kmail
> > or KDEwallet once crashed, KDEwallet does not anymore starts when i check
> > or send emails with kmail. I have to type my email acccount password at
> > every session of kmail. Someone suggested me to check some files in
> > ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet but that didn't solved the problem. actually i
> > even deleted that directory and created again my account in KDEwallet.
> > So now i think that the problem is with kmail.
> I get this too.
> I believe it has sth to do with the fact that KMail is starting before
> kwallet... When I restart kmail after a login it works perfectly fine.
> Perhaps you can create a script that will autolaunch kmail after a sleep 5
> or something?
> #!/bin/sh
> sleep 5
> kmail &
> and place it in your autostart directory? (usually ~/.kde/Autostart or
> ~/.kde4/Autostart)

I can reproduce this too. My approach is to avoid KWallet altogether, if 
possible. It's level of stability is such that I would only recommend it as a 
QA project for some aspiring tester. 

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