[kde-linux] panel location kde 4.1.3

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Sun Dec 14 20:35:48 UTC 2008

Am Sonntag 14 Dezember 2008 21:22:17 schrieb Tanja Petri:
> On Sunday 14 December 2008 20:49:33 Anne Wilson wrote:
> > I think it must be a version issue.  I can't remember at what point the
> > setup changed, but somewhere in the late versions of 4.1 those three
> > word-processor- like choices moved into a More Settings menu and in their
> > place came Screen Edge and Height.
> I have to agree with Werner - I have no such buttons either. I just move
> panels the way I described.
> KDE 4.1.3 on Ubuntu Intrepid

that' s what I'm using, too - maybe the kubuntu guys changed this like other 
things (e.g. systemsettings) ;-)


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