[kde-linux] K3B won't burn right?

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> Subject: [kde-linux] K3B won't burn right?
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> Is anyone having a problem with K3B burning CD images? 
> I've got K3B
> 1.0.4 under KDE 3.5.9 under Gentoo.  On two different
> machines (and
> drives, of course), I'm having the experience in trying
> to burn
> ISOs that the writing phase completes successfully, but if
> I do
> "verify data", it tells me that the burned image
> differs in track

I can also confirm that there is a problem and as far as I'm following the related discussionis not on all computers and all burners. Disabling the eject option helps most, but I burned recently 2 dvds without eject and k3b coulnd't verify.

> 1, and the verify fails. It's always track 1.  And two
> different
> brands of blanks.
> I've already tossed out several CD-Rs because I thought
> it was probably
> the media.  Now I'm really starting to suspect K3B.

I think the best way is to prepare an iso image and burn it afterwords. then dump the burned cd with i.e. dd and md5sum the images.
I don't relay on what k3b says.



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