[kde-linux] help

Randy Kramer rhkramer at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 08:38:18 UTC 2008

On Saturday 30 August 2008 11:03 pm, g wrote:
> Al Jones wrote:
> > How do you get linux ubuntu and this other crap off my
> > computer??????????????????????/

> you could log in as root, then
> which will wipe out everything.

Hmm, I guess we're both thinking that the OP is either a troll or not very 
experienced, but I hate to see the rm rf advice on a help list--there may be 
inexperienced people on the who actually try that.

I'd like to hear from the OP--what is his real problem--does he really want to 
wipe his disk and then install something like Windows or some other version 
of Linux?

Randy Kramer
"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I created a video 
instead."--with apologies to Cicero, et.al.

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