[kde-linux] Panel icon after upgrade to 3.5.10

Anders Damm anders.damm at bornet.net
Thu Aug 28 07:17:49 UTC 2008

Hi all!

Just upgraded 2 of my PC:s (OpenSuse 11.0 and 10.3) to KDE  3.5.10, and now I can configure my panel as I want it to look.
I like the panel to have rather small icons and the system tray to show the icons in 2 rows. This use to be done by setting the custom settings in the configure panel
( argentmen tab) to something like 50-54 pixels.
After upgrading to 3.5.10 the system tray arrange the icons in 2 rows if  54 pixel or more is selected, but the settings results in huge icons in the panel.
Do any one know a  way to solve this?


Anders D. 

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