[kde-linux] No sound with phonon and kde4.1

SeaJey seajey.serg at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 20:50:55 UTC 2008

> Maybe you should rebuild phonon with libxine support? What backend amarok
> use, xine or gstreamer?

Amarok 1.4:
Engine - Xine, Output plugin - oss, Device - auto, Speaker arrangement - 
Headphone 2.0, works properly with good sound quality

amarok-nightly (current svn builds of Amarok 2 via Project Neon repo):
uses Phonon, there is no extra sound configuration

default backend - gstreamer, another backend - xine, no one produce sound

Tryed to export  PHONON_GST_AUDIOSINK=oss4sink" in /etc/profile 
After restarting Systemsettings Sound section crashing with error: 

systemsettings(8085) Phonon::KdePlatformPlugin::createBackend: using backend:  
systemsettings: relocation error: /usr/lib/kde4/lib/libkaudiodevicelist.so.4: 
symbol snd_device_name_hint, version ALSA_0.9 not defined in file 
libasound.so.2 with link time reference

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