[kde-linux] kdm oddity

Beso givemesugarr at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 08:36:10 UTC 2008

2008/8/11 <pkaplan1 at comcast.net>

> I've been trying to run kde4.1 on kubuntu and have been met with some very
> strange desktop
> behavior in a multihead laptop configuration.  I recently discovered that
> this is related to how kde 4.1 is launched.
> If I launch 4.1 from the default kdm3 display manager, the kde4.1 desktop
> is displayed in a (wrong) way that
> is difficult to describe.  Only parts of the desktop are active.  The
> content of the laptop lcd are placed on the external lcd and vice versa, but
> the left/right orientation is correct (as specified in xorg.conf).  One
> result of this presentation is that the desktop cashew is off screen
> somewhere.  Also, most attempts to move panels result in 4.1 crashing.
> In contrast, when I kill kdm and launch kde4.1 with:
> startx /usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde
> I get a well behaved kde 4 desktop.  Interestingly a number of kde 3 system
> tray apps (knetload, smb4k 0.9.3 and guidance-power-manager) appear in the
> 4.1 system tray (I thought they
> weren't supposed to be able to run in 4.1).
> Is this a bug in kubuntu's kdm (s) configuration?  Has anyone else noticed
> this?  How about with kdm-kde4 or another dm?

have you tried to use kdm4.1 and lauch from that?!

dott. ing. beso
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