[kde-linux] Plasma Desktop Icon Behavior

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Thu Aug 7 15:14:16 UTC 2008

Drag a folder to the desktop. Get a choice between the super-karamba like 
folder view or an icon. I chose icon. This desktop item exists only in the 
plasma-appletrc. In most cases, I cannot edit any of its properties, though 
they are presented for edit.

Drag a pre-existing desktop file to the desktop. I had a lot of those that did 
not show the chosen icon but otherwise worked 100%. Why? For whatever reason, 
they did not have the .desktop extension. He-he.

The "unmounted icon" does not work but is presented as an editable property.

Renaming changes the file name, not the displayed name. This to me is a bug. I 
can edit the display name manually. (If there is no Name=displayedname, then 
the file name it shown.)

Now I (almost) have my old desktop back.

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