[kde-linux] Cannot access certain site

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Apr 2 11:20:02 UTC 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 April 2008 15:15, Sorin Schwimmer wrote:
>> I invite everyone to check this one:
>> http://enwisepower.com/
>> or, if you dig deeper, this one:
>> http://enwisepower.com/products/productscope.aspx
>> On my screen, the menu that is supposed to be on the
>> left is put on top of the text on the right. The first
>> impression was of fragmented letters, but then, when
>> selecting text (and changing colour/background) things
>> become evident.
>> What do you see?
> In CentOS 5.1, Konqueror sets out the page fine, but all the white-text menu 
> items do not display.  Just space where they should be.  Firefox displays it 
> perfectly.

In Debian Etch lenny/sid, Konq 3.5.8 displays no white text menu items 
unless I drag-select from "Products and Services" down a bit. Then the 
menu items show up as selected, overlaying the text in the right column:


Validating it shows the usual sorts of ASPX errors.

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