[kde-linux] KDE 3 Beta

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Oct 31 06:15:08 UTC 2007

James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
>> On Sunday 28 Oct 2007, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>> Perhaps you miss my point, or perhaps I wasn't clear.  I have no
>>> objection to any of the development work that is being done and I do not
>>> want any of it changed.  What I do think is that somehow we need to also
>>> release a more stable product that is of commercial production quality.
>>>   There are companies and governments which rely on our DeskTop and we
>>> need to provide them with a high quality product.  I see a simple way to
>>> do this: the stable release should not have new stuff added to it until
>>> the new stuff meets quality standards.  Our current development
>>> methodology makes this impossible.
>> The truth is that there are two very different camps.  One camp wants the 
>> latest and greatest.  The other camp wants stability at any price.  That camp 
>> uses Enterprise releases.
> I am in basic agreement with that idea.  That is why I propose two 
> releases stable and unstable.

The "other camp" is in a different situation than Joe Ordinary User. If 
Joe's system won't come up after an update - oh, well. But if you are IT 
director keeping vital corporate databases alive on a server - you can't 
afford to have that server crash because of some error in an update.

But, anyway, I thought that's why there were branches of Linux such as 
Stable and Testing/Unstable?

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