[kde-linux] KDE 3 Beta

Dale dalek1967 at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 28 20:35:02 UTC 2007

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Sunday 28 Oct 2007, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> Perhaps you miss my point, or perhaps I wasn't clear.  I have no
>> objection to any of the development work that is being done and I do not
>> want any of it changed.  What I do think is that somehow we need to also
>> release a more stable product that is of commercial production quality.
>>   There are companies and governments which rely on our DeskTop and we
>> need to provide them with a high quality product.  I see a simple way to
>> do this: the stable release should not have new stuff added to it until
>> the new stuff meets quality standards.  Our current development
>> methodology makes this impossible.
> The truth is that there are two very different camps.  One camp wants the 
> latest and greatest.  The other camp wants stability at any price.  That camp 
> uses Enterprise releases.
> Anne

Same can be said of us Gentoo users.  If you want to live on the
bleeding edge, you keyword everything and get unstable packages.  You
can even go a step farther and get packages that are not even tested
enough to be in portage.  If you want some stability then you don't use
keywords and everything is "fairly" well tested.

Me, I'm looking forward to the new KDE but I do want it to be usable and
at least reasonably stable.   I just hope I can have a faster puter by
then.  I have a AMD 2500+ with 1GB of ram right now.  Not sure how fast
that is going to be, especially for the compiling part.


:-) :-) :-)

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