[kde-linux] grumble about konqueror image gallery change

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Oct 28 17:00:25 UTC 2007

david wrote:
> <grumble>
> For some reason, awhile back, the Konqueror image gallery plugin decided 
> to give the thumbnails double file extensions (filename.jpg.jpg). When I 
> went to report this at the kde.org bug database, I found it had already 
> been reported and marked as WONTFIX because the developer decided for 
> some utterly irrational reason to no longer have the plugin trim off the 
> file extension before naming the thumb. That bug report said something 
> about avoiding filename clashes, but the thumbnails are put into a 
> separate thumbs folder, so there's no possible filename clash to avoid!
> Anyway, when I tried to provide a comment to that effect, the kde.org 
> bug database gave me an error and invited me to contact the webmaster 
> with the date/time and info. Forget it. The server's already recorded 
> the date/time and logged the error, so forget it.
> </grumble>
> And my wife's laptop with PCLinuxOS got GIMP 2.4 last week during 
> update, and my laptop with Debian is still stuck with 2.2 ...
> Sorry for grumbles, just needed to get it off the to do list!
Could you please provide me with some more specific information?

Which function in this in Konqueror?  Is it:

	View -> View Mode -> Photobook


What bug number is it?

Exactly where do these double extensions show up?

Thank you


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