[kde-linux] Send Message to KDE user

Mark Frost mark.frost at uky.edu
Thu Mar 29 17:20:14 UTC 2007

Hello. There's been something Ive been wanting to do in linux for a 
while, and Ive never been able to figure out a method for it.

Scenario: Im at work, and I ssh into my computer to check my system 
services (I run a few daemons that I use at work, even). While 
tinkering, I decide I want to restart X. But I have roommates who use my 
computer, and if one of them are at it, I dont want to kill them. Is 
there a way that, from the command line (assuming, of course, that I 
have access to my root account and therefore full privileges) that I can 
open some sort of dialog with them? For example, if there are two users 
logged in via command-line, they can use the "talk" or "write" commands 
to communicate back and forth. Is there a similar thing I can do to 
communicate from command line to KDE, or even X in general, that anyone 
already knows about?

Mark B. Frost
mark.frost at uky.edu
IT Security
University of Kentucky

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