[kde-linux] Logging kdm

john gennard joney at clara.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 08:20:55 UTC 2007

I still have the problem getting Kde to launch on an
Etch installation - dcop is not running. Now, I'm
trying to follow the whole booting process, without
having the technical ability or knowledge. After, some
struggle, I think I have established what Etch itself
does and confirmed this by enabling bootlogd, but this
only takes me to 'Starting K Display Manager:kdm' and
I can find no way to log the next steps. I think these
should be starting dcopserver, klauncher, kded, ksmserver
and so on. If someone can tell me if such logging is possible,
then I can compare what happens on a working partition
and what does not on the one giving trouble.

Grateful for any pointers. I know I can reinstall using a
more up-to-date snapshot, but this problem has now become a


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