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Joaquim BernĂ  i Torres joaquimberna at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 13:18:31 UTC 2007

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En/na Anne Wilson ha escrit:
> On Friday 27 July 2007 17:17:05 Joaquim BernĂ  i Torres wrote:
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>> En/na pol ha escrit:
>>> <posted & mailed>
>>> I would like konqueror to start a program when selecticng a link file,
>>> rather that opening  file the link is pointing to.
>>> That would allow to start a script that chances to the directory, before
>>> opening.
>>> Any ideas?
>> Hi!
>> Is that the same trouble I have with some users account and not in
>> others. That programs like Evolution or Google Earth doesn't open
>> browsers when a link is clicked but another program like Bluefish?
> I'm not sure that these two questions are the same, but here's the answers, as 
> far as I can give them :-)
> If you want the link to always have a particular action, for instance open 
> Konqueror, then look at kcontrol > KDE Components > File Associations.  Put 
> the appropriate extension into the search box at the top, and you will get 
> the opportunity to set the required action.  In some cases, for instance 
> multimedia files, you may need to set both the General tab and the Embedded 
> tab.
> If the file is something that is needed in different situations, for instance 
> you may want to open it in Firefox or in Kate, then use the right-click menu 
> to open with the extra choice.  There is a check-box for that to be 
> remembered in the context menu for future use.
> Anne
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Solved as you suggested!

I didn't check the kcontrol > KDE Components > File Associations > text
> html settings. LOL

Best regards to all and luck to pol!
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