[kde-linux] KDE +hal: "unable to eject" message with USB sticks

Jens Stroebel drifter at bcsoft.de
Tue Jul 10 16:49:33 UTC 2007


I'm using kde-3.5.7 here; after updating from a previous version to this
one, I had to realize that an umount of USB sticks (via the dektop icon)
nowadays spawns a window (and creating a glass-break-sound) and
complains that it has successfully umounted but couldn't eject the USB

While that is correct, the window popping up is simply a disturbance (to
me, at least).

Is there a way to get the old behavior back, meaning: no window popping
up when umounting a stick and being unable to eject it?

		thx in advance,
drifter at bcsoft.de
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