[kde-linux] What's "skim"?

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at decoulon.ch
Fri Jul 6 09:48:20 UTC 2007

Thanks all for your answer, now I'm wiser!
John, I particularely liked what you wrote :)

It may be a good reminder for all of us when we forget that others are not as 
far on the guru way (I think of those giving links to hardly understandable 
web pages instead of just telling noobs what they should do - maybe I was 
guilty of this too sometine).


On Thursday 05 July 2007 10:51, John Andersen wrote:

> Its middle ware, something only a programmer could love, and because it
> is so poorly explained its probably seldom used.  This is a common
> programmer disease, trying to explain what a program does.
> Unless you are a C++ programmer you probably have no need of SKIM.
> Even if you were a C++ programmer you probably wouldn't use this package
> for the very reason you've discovered: The programmers are incapable of
> explaining what it does - even to other programmers.
> http://www.scim-im.org/about/why_scim

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