[kde-linux] Exporting mails from kmail

Jens Stroebel drifter at bcsoft.de
Thu Jul 5 20:16:01 UTC 2007

On Thu, Jul 05, 2007 at 12:24:01PM +0100, Peter Humphrey wrote:

> > If that's the best reason you have for changing I suggest you are
> > on the wrong track.  Its not at all uncommon for kde applications
> > to store stuff in the "hidden" subdirectory structure.
> I require my mail directories, among others, to live on a separate
> partition, which I mount on whichever system I've booted. Kmail will not
> allow me this flexibility - evidently it knows better than I do.

I've followed this whith half an ear ... 
but may I suggest IMAP here?
This is the classical useage scenario for it, after all...
There are, depending on your preferences (you seem to prefer
maildir,'t seems) even simple solutions which let you 

	a) store your email "in the IMAP server" while at the same time
	   being able to access the mails in the directory-structure of
	   the respective host (uw-imapd for mbox, maybe s.th. like
	   courier for maildir..)

	b) make them accessible w. the email-client of your choice from
	   everywhere in the network which is allowed to access 143/tcp
	   on your IMAP-server host (which in "my" network are many more
	   places than are allowed to do mounts)
	   anything from mutt, .. to thunderbird & kmail speaks IMAP

	c) will let you store emails in one place as a principle,
	   without the need to move/migrate them when changing clients.
	   IMAP is meant as a "leave-on-server" solution, which makes
	   multi-homing of work/mail hosts easier

As a side-note: when I first read this thread I already thought
"kmail speaks IMAP, set up an IMAP server and push them there, then
you can import them with any client", but thought it to maybe be too
much of an effort for migrating between mail-clients.
But regarding your usage-scenario, I'd do it.


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