[kde-linux] KDE 4 - worth trying yet ?

John Meyer john.l.meyer at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 02:41:58 UTC 2007

Ben Kevan wrote:
> KDE3 and KDE4 can co-exist.. 
> Why not just try both? 
> I wouldn't run it in production though as your only DE. It's going to be nice 
> once done, I can't wait. going to be a great release that closes a lot of 
> barriers I think. 
> Ben

I've run it on my own system.  Looks pretty slick.
The big thing, however, is that it doesn't seem to play nice with my
kde3 settings.  If I log in through an account with settings from kde3,
it just goes back to the login screen.  What exactly should I post to
show what the problem is?  I'm using OpenSuse 10.2

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