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Scott Bicknell scotbicknel at cox.net
Mon Jan 29 20:57:46 UTC 2007

On Monday 29 January 2007 12:04 pm, Alain M. wrote:

> How can I insert an icon in the system tray from a script?

You can use ksystraycmd to create system tray icons for any 
application.  Here is one I use for running kcalc from the 
system tray: ksystraycmd --window 'Calculator' --startonshow 
--quitonhide --icon kcalc --tooltip 'Calculator' kcalc --caption 

I placed this command in a .desktop file and placed that in my 
Autostart folder, but you can adapt it to create icons on the 
fly from a shell script. Documentation for the command is in 
your kde manual and command-line options can be shown with 
ksystraycmd --help.
73, AC7ZZ
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