[kde-linux] Font substitution is not working

Florian Ehinger florian at kflog.org
Tue Jan 23 23:02:20 UTC 2007


I have some problems with chinese fonts under KDE.

I have set my locale to de_DE.utf8.
My system is normally in german, but since I am learning Chinese it would also 
be nice to display chinese text in a pleasant way.

The problem is, that Chinese chracters are not displayed with a scalable font. 
E.g. in Konqueror I can not zoom in.

I have installed chinese fonts on my system. 
fc-list ":lang=zh-CN:scalable=true" gives the following output:
  AR PL New Sung,文鼎PL新宋:style=Regular
  AR PL SungtiL GB,文鼎PL简报宋:style=Regular
  AR PL KaitiM GB,文鼎PL简中楷:style=Regular

and fc-list ":lang=zh-CN:scalable=false":
  Efont Fixed Wide:style=Italic
  Efont Biwidth:style=Bold Italic
  Efont Fixed Wide:style=Bold Italic
  Misc Fixed Wide:style=ko
  Misc Fixed Wide:style=ja
  Efont Biwidth:style=Italic
  Efont Fixed Wide:style=Regular
  Efont Biwidth:style=Regular
  Efont Fixed Wide:style=Bold
  Gnu Unifont Mono:style=Regular
  Efont Biwidth:style=Bold
  Gnu Unifont:style=Regular

I also set up the font substition in the qtrc file:
  [Font Substitutions]
  Sans Serif=AR PL SungtiL GB^e
  Verdana=AR PL New Sung^e

Is there some other possibility to choose the chinese font for KDE or is it a 


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