[kde-linux] Shutting down just goes to login screen (was Re: KDE)

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Tue Jan 23 22:40:30 UTC 2007

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 January 2007 20:55, david wrote:
>> John Andersen wrote:
>>> Your mailer understands threading, and sends proper threading
>>> references, so we can't blame the software. ;-)
>> Sure, it may understand threading, but I just alphabetize by subject.
>> Although none of the Linux-using folk I know here use KMail for email.
>>> Threading is wonderful. It only takes a second to use it right
>>> and make life easier for everyone.
>> Doesn't make any difference to me. 
> I'll tell you one way it may make a difference to you.  Annoy enough people by 
> this kind of argument and you may find that few bother to answer your 
> queries.

I personally do not hijack other threads to start a new one. So my 
behavior does NOT annoy others, since apparently my mail client already 
transparently inserts the appropriate headers for those who DO sort 
their mail using that kind of threading.

>> Sorting by subject is something that 
>> everyone (regardless of mail client) can see and intuitively understand.
>> Threading by some geeky numeric value that most mail clients DON'T EVEN
>> DISPLAY is not.
> Actually most mail clients do, if you take the trouble to read the 
> settings/preferences menus.

I've used six different mail clients in my career on the internet. Not a 
single one BY DEFAULT ever displayed the headers used by threading. To 
one degree or another, they may have been using the threading 
information behind the scenes, but they did not display it.

While my current mail client, Thunderbird, can display the threading, it 
cannot simultaneously sort by sender, date, etc. - which I find much 
more useful than sorting by threads.

But it really doesn't matter. When done properly - send a new message 
when you have a new subject to ask about - doesn't cause anyone any 

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