[kde-linux] Cannot re-install Firefox

Alain M. alainm at pobox.com
Thu Jan 4 12:56:14 UTC 2007

You probably have a problem in your profile directory, maybe something 
like a bad extention. Reinstalling will not help, try renaming your 
profile directory which is usualy located at:
you can even copy back your old.bookmarks,html :)


S J Clement escreveu:
> I don't even know if I'm sending this to the right people, but I have to start somewhere.
> I am using KDE 3.3.2 on Debian GNU/Linux 3.1.  My browser of choice is Firefox; I am - was - using version 
> Was because although I had it installed and running correctly I can not do it again.  I have removed all but the tarball and tried to reistall twice with the same result.  It will only run from root which is something I do not wish to do.
> After opening the tarball, I create a ln -s </.../install_directory/firefox> in /usr/bin.  All directories have execute permissions for oga.
> I have tried the Menu updating --> Scan and am told that it found 27 applications.  Firefox is not one of them.  Using Menu edit I have determined that the KDE menu entry for Firefox is essentially the same as for Mozilla and other programs which run.  What am I not doing?
> And don't tell me, as some idiot on #KDE on freenode did, to change distributions.
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