[kde-linux] live desktop edges

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 11 01:42:06 UTC 2007

I've been using KDE for 10 yrs and I just discovered something new...

I have always enabled live desktop borders so that when I move the mouse to 
the edge of the screen it moves to the next virtual desktop.

Which borders are live (left/right or top/bottom) depends on how the pager 
applet is oriented.  If it is on a horizontal panel, then the miniature views 
are all in a row and the live borders are the left and right ones.  However, 
if the applet lives on a vertical panel so that the miniature views are one 
on top of the other, then the live borders are the top and bottom ones.

What I can't figure out is why, if there are two pager applets, one on the 
main, horizontal panel and one on a vertical panel on a second screen 
(mergedfb to create a large desktop spanning 2 monitors), the one on the 
vertical panel always takes president so that the live borders are top and 
bottom.  President seems to be established when KDE loads.

Is there a way to change that without having to abandon the pager on the 
vertical panel?


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