[kde-linux] pasting cells

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at freesurf.ch
Fri Apr 6 18:17:42 UTC 2007

On Thursday 05 April 2007 21:11, xavier mas wrote:
> > On Thursday 05 April 2007 19:56 +0100, xavier mas wrote:
> > > Hi list,
> > >
> > > I would like to know if is possible to paste cells from other
> > > spreadsheets or other sheets in the same spreadsheet in Kspread. I
> > > guess it can be done easily, but I can't find out how.
> > it works like any other copy&paste action, i.e. 
> Thank you Kevin, but I mean to link cells from one cell to another (in or
> outside the same document), as the special paste in OOo, for instance.

Hi Xavier,
For the way I understand your problem, I would use a formula.
I don't know Kspread but in OO I placed:		"$L01.A1"
in the top-left cell on all the sheets L02, L03,...L12 and now they all 
contain the title I placed in the top-left cell of sheet L01.

The "$" means absolute (versus relative) reference, you may not need that) 
and the "." is the sign for a sheet (in OO, but it is a "!" in M$ calc and 
may be still different for Kspread).
I know it is possible to address a cell in a different file and for the 
simplest cases you can even do it by clicking on the cell.

Did that answer your question?

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