[kde-linux] Sound over ssh?

Jeff Eklund jeff at marisa.se
Wed Sep 27 18:36:01 UTC 2006

onsdag 27 september 2006 20:26 skrev Boyan Tabakov:
> Just one more thing, Jeff... well two actually...
> I saw you didn't sign your first mail. Did you sent that from the uni
> computer?
> If you are using ssh and feel comfortable with linux console, why 
> don't you start using mutt? It is a console based mail user agent and it is
> very nice. It is a little pain to set everything up, but once you've done
> it it works perfectly. That way you could send mails from your home pc
> through the ssh client and you could sign those too...
Hm, perhaps... I'm using Kmail for my daily needs, but nothing stops me from 
using mutt too. I'll think about it and mail you and bitch when mutt makes my 
life a living hell, later, okey? ;-)
> This is just an idea - I do that myself.
It's a good idea. I really appreciate tips and siuggestions from people like 
> And second - I noticed that your public key is not signed by anyone... Keys
> that are only self signed mean nothing in terms of identity confirmation,
> so you might want to ask someone you know and also uses PGP to sign your
> key... This is how it all works.
I know this. The usage of GPG/PGP isn't very wide spread among common people 
here (I'm a Swede, don't know about the usage of GPG in other countries. You 
are American, no? How is the climate for GPG in America?) and I just started 
uni a month ago, but a couple of guys here have keys. Apart from them, I ave 
never before, presonally, met someone who has a key.
We have talked about having a real keysigning session, but we're just in the 
planning stages yet. We're discussing starting a LUG and also doing something 
on the third of october, against DRM. FSFE has declared the third of october 
anti-drm day so we are planning all sorts of stuff right now.
So, sometime in the future, my key will be signed. Count on it :-)
> Regards!

Jeff Eklund
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