[kde-linux] Sound over ssh?

Jeff Eklund jeff at marisa.se
Wed Sep 27 17:33:04 UTC 2006

onsdag 27 september 2006 18:02 skrev Blues Renegade:
> Work computer:
> 1. Does your uni-terminal have access to an ssh client?
>     Try entering: which ssh <Enter>
>                           whereis ssh <Enter>
>     Or simply try running ssh with the help option, by entering: ssh -h
> <Enter>
Yes, I have full access to the terminal (i'm root on the box - I'm 
specializing in linuxsystems :-) ). So, I have a ssh-client and full access 
to installing any additional software needed.
> Home computer:
> 1. Do you have the SSH Daemon running? (most likely, do)
>     To look for it, use a console window and enter:
>          ps -ef | grep 'sshd' <Enter>
Yepp, my home box is running a sshd. I'm on a dynamic IP-connection so my box 
is configured with a no-ip.org address.

So, all of the prerequisites are taken care of. It's the next step that i 
don't know how to accomplish: actually getting the sound from my computer at 
home to my uni-terminal. Just starting a player remotely from uni on my home 
box dosen't give me any sound on my uni box, but I'm guessing my home box is 
playing it.
> Hope that helps, for starters!
All help and pointers is apreciated. Thanks!
> John
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