[kde-linux] problems with konqueror on amd 64

Charlie Bradley 22tango at kitcarson.net
Sat Sep 23 01:08:14 UTC 2006

Since I have been using KDE3.5.4 on kubuntu dapper amd64, konqueror has been 
performing sub par. 
1  On the kubuntuforum.net I have had a hard time logging in and cannot post 
messages.  The login deal I fixed by making all cookies session cookies, but 
this did not help the posting problem.  When I try to post I get session 
timed out error.  Try to logout and login again and get same error.
2  Just recently I tried to download a powerpoint file and got nothing 
(.part).  This may be a kget problem.  Firefox however works fine in both 
instances (logins/posting and the download).

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