[kde-linux] Kmail suggestions

Rick cms01 at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Sep 21 03:49:27 UTC 2006

had to re-installed Kubuntu knot 3 since knot 2 had a problem,
(knot 3) has some issues with xserver-xorg-core driver, however
the problem is that KMail needs some improvements in the following area.

1: Local Backups via KMail. ( be able to backup to another hard drive, or 
other media.

2. Export Messags, (as single text files with subject header as file name.

3. I know the messages are in maildir format, however, if KMail could
use sqlite 3 database as its backend, (plus) with #1 &  #2 this would be very 
good, plus the blazing speed of sqlite db.

3a. then doing complex search strings threw 700,000 messages, would take
seconds.... be able to do reports... export out database via  report editor.


Some ideas to think on.
Oh, when re-installing KMail, and importing my (old) KMail folder notice some 
emails in the in box where missing during my copying the old KMail to usb 
external (fat) drive.


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