[kde-linux] Can't login "unable to write to /tmp: xsession may exit with error"

Dale teendale at vista-express.com
Tue Sep 19 02:40:09 UTC 2006

Rod Butcher wrote:
> The message says it can't write to /tmp . When you login various session
> stuff gets written there. I think the immediate fix is to make /tmp
> writeable by all. 
> chmod -R ogu=rwx /tmp

That sounds about right.  This is what I get:

> drwxrwxrwt  78 root root  3696 Sep 18 18:11 tmp

As far as the contents of that where kde is concerned:

> root at smoker / # ls -al /tmp/ | grep kde
> drwx------  3 dale users     904 Sep 18 17:41 kde-dale
> drwx------  2 root root     1008 Sep 18 17:59 kde-root
> drwx------  2 tee  tee        72 Aug 25 15:59 kde-tee
> root at smoker / #

The user dale is a really old one and the user tee was added a few
months back.  The permissions are different but they both work fine.  If
this is a new install and you need to change them, use the ones like tee.

Hope that helps


:-)  :-)

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