[kde-linux] Sound over ssh?

Jeff Eklund jeff at marisa.se
Mon Sep 18 09:27:46 UTC 2006

I wanted to stream some music from my home computer to my uni-terminal. I
have a SSH-server running at home, so doing it bt ssh would be ideal. I
googled a bit, but found nothing really good that could help me, so I
thought I'd ask the smartest people I know: the KDE/linux-guts :-)
My computer at home is running KDE and using arts. From what I understand,
I need my local arts to connect to my uni-computer and a arts-server here?
Or am I misstaken?
What do I need to do and with what programs do I need to do it? I usually
play music via cplay (http://mask.tf.hut.fi/~flu/hacks/cplay/) or Amarok
at home, so using one of those at UNI too would be great.
Any guides or pointers would be very appreciated.

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