[kde-linux] kmix 2.6.1 any dcop command to select channel

Thomas McGuire Thomas.McGuire at gmx.net
Tue Sep 12 18:43:29 UTC 2006


On Tuesday 12 September 2006 20:32, christophe wrote:
> When i launch kde, kmix is in the so-called "systray" at the lower right
> hand corner. OK.
> But, for some reasons (alsa or kernel or anything else...) the default
> channel selected is "Master Mono" instead of "PCM". Alsa version is 1.0.9,
> kernel is 2.6.12 and audio chip is intel 82801DB-ICH4 and C-Media
> Electronics CMI9739, on an asus w1n laptop.
> I have some acpi shell scripts to mute/lower/increase sound that use dcop
> commands such as :
> dcop kmix Mixer0 setMasterVolume $volume
> But since the default channel is "Master Mono" instead of "PCM", the kdcop
> calls to kmix are made on "Master Mono" instead of "PCM" , which is a
> problem since "Master Mono has no effect on the sound as expected whereas
> "PCM" has an effect.
> Is there anything i can do to select automatically at each login "Master
> Mono" instead of "PCM" as channel ?
> Thanks for your help.
Start the program kdcop, which lists all available dcop commands. KMix does 
have the ability to set the volumes of all channels (void setAbsoluteVolume 
(int deviceidx, long int absoluteVolume))


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