[kde-linux] "dcop ksmserver" question

Donatas G. dgvirtual at akl.lt
Fri Sep 8 10:04:15 UTC 2006

2006 m. rugsėjis 5 d., antradienis 22:08, Donatas G. rašė:
> 2006 m. rugsėjis 4 d., pirmadienis 22:39, mathias rašė:
> > I don't know exactly how it works, and I'm not sure to understand what
> > you want, but when kde apps hangs and claims about dcop server, I simply
> > remove my ~/.DCOP* files.
> No, I just want to figure out what the parameters to
> dcop ksmserver default logout 0 1 0
> mean. What are those two zeros and a one in between?
> The middle number must have some connection with the action to take (1
> reboots the computer, -1 halts) but 2 also halts the computer...
> This is, in essence, my question.

Finally I have foud explanation to my own question at

dcop ksmserver default logout 0 -1 -1

First parameter: 	confirm
	Obey the user's confirmation setting:	-1
	 Don't confirm, shutdown without asking: 0
	Always confirm, ask even if the user turned it off: 1
Second parameter:	type
	Select previous action or the default if it's the first time: -1
	Only log out: 0
	Log out and reboot the machine: 1
	Log out and halt the machine: 2
Third parameter:	mode
	Select previous mode or the default if it's the first time: -1
	Schedule a shutdown (halt or reboot) for the time all active sessions have 
exited: 0
	Shut down, if no sessions are active. Otherwise do nothing: 1
	Force shutdown. Kill any possibly active sessions: 2
	Pop up a dialog asking the user what to do if sessions are still active: 3

Donatas Glodenis

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