[kde-linux] cdrom not automonting in KDE

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Mon Sep 4 21:59:12 UTC 2006

Francisco Manaure wrote:
>   Before all, excuse me for my bad english. I am from Venezuela (spanish).
> I am using Suse Linux 10.1, and KDE 3.5.1. When I Insert a CDROM in the 
> cdrom drive, appears a window with a title "KDE daemon" saying that  a 
> new media type has been detected, but when a make click in the button to 
> open the content of the cdrom, appears a window saying "denied permision".
> When I mount cdrom manually from the command line (mount -t iso9660 
> /dev/hdb /media/cdrom) it mounts perfectly, no problem.
> I listed permissions of cdrom drive, and I got:
> linuxtst01:~ # ls -al /dev/hdb
> brw------- 1 root disk 3, 64 Sep  4 06:21 /dev/hdb
> after I changed to:
> brw- r- - r - - 1 root disk 3, 64 Sep  4 06:21 /dev/hdb
> but the problem continues.
> I would appreciate your help. Thanks

I've been told that this is a bug in KDE, conflicting with the Hardware 
Abstraction Layer (HAL) that it now requires. I had a similar problem 
with other removable (flash drives, etc). I got rid of the problem by 
changing my fstab for the CD drive and the other removable drives under 
  /mnt instead of /media which is where the system was trying to mount 
everything after the update.

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