[kde-linux] cdrom not automounting in KDE 3.5.1

mathias novices at free.fr
Mon Sep 4 19:45:31 UTC 2006

Hi Franscico,

First you can look at the rights on /media/cdrom, when it's not mounted 
(use umount as root to unmount your drive).

If rights are good, your can look if you are in "disk" group.

And you can look for the whole solution in reading the submount manual 
(man submount), to understand which option in fstab (or somewhere else) 
could bring this problem.



Francisco Manaure wrote:
> Before all, excuse me for my bad english. I am from south america 
> (spanish).
> I am using Suse Linux 10.1, and KDE 3.5.1. When I Insert a CDROM in 
> the cdrom drive, appears a window with a title "KDE daemon" saying 
> that  a new media type has been detected, but when a make click in the 
> button to open the content of the cdrom, appears a window saying 
> "denied permision".
> When I mount cdrom manually from the command line (mount -t iso9660 
> /dev/hdb /media/cdrom) it mounts perfectly, no problem.
> Automonting problem is only with cdrom drive, not floppt or pendrive.
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