[kde-linux] Inserting a special character

Patrick Londema patrick at evilplatypus.net
Sat Sep 2 22:15:15 UTC 2006


Not quite sure what you mean by special, so if my answer isn't what you're 
looking for, sorry in advance.

I have to type Dutch, French and a little German quite a lot and found the 
easiest way to type all the "weird" stuff, like an 'u' with " on top is to 
assign a Compose Key. I find it works a lot better than the Internalion 
Kayboard layout in Windows where if you hit " is waits to see if you also 
enter a letter it can combine it with and always does so...

It can be set from the Control Center under Regional & Accessiblity -> 
Keyboard Layout -> Xkb Options. I set up my right Alt to function this way. 
Now for example to enter an u with " on top I now hit Compose, then " and 
then the e. Works the same way for the copyright symbol (Compose, O, c) or 
the Yen sign (Compose, =, Y). Just about any western extended character can 
be made this way, including the c-cedille, euro sign, german old-style double 
s, etc.

Good luck,

PS if by special you mean a non western alphabet you might want to check out 

On Saturday 02 September 2006 21:49, pyrenaien at gmx.de wrote:
> Hi!
> There seems to be no way of easily inserting a special character in linux,
> like you do in Windows. You cannot just use your Alt key combined with a
> number to get a specific character. But is there a way of setting a special
> shortcut to a character? Just like picking out a character from the code
> chart in OpenOffice or other programs, then assigning a keyboard shortcut
> to it. If there's still no way of doing that with KDE, that would be a good
> idea for one of the following versions.

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