[kde-linux] kdm login default user after x seconds

Daniel L. McGrew danix at northforkhoney.com
Mon Nov 27 00:22:26 UTC 2006

I've always used KDE 3+... by default I've used the gnome manager (gdm) with
it... sorry, I just didn't know any better... lol...
anyway, I've switched, so that both socks match... I'm using KDM with KDE...
however, gdm had a very nice feature... I could set it to automatically
logon a specific user after a certain period of time, say 30secs... now,
that I've switched to KDM, that feature is not available... at least, I
can't find it... 

If anyone knows where to find this in the gui or the name of the file I need
to edit to get this to happen again, I would really appreciate it... 

Since I've switched from gdm to kdm, I think that the applicable directory
has changed... from /etc/gdm to etc/kde3/kdm... so, our choice of files, I
think, are in the /etc/kde3 directory (although I don't see any files that
would affect this feature in this directory... possibly /etc/kde3/kde
directory... possibly files are kdm.options or kdmrc 

1. Which file would do this for me?
        a. Where is it located?
        b. What do I put into the file?
2. Where is the kdm bin file?
        a. I've looked in;
                i. bin
                ii. /usr/bin
        It's AWOL... 
Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can provide...
                        Most sincerely,

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