[kde-linux] Konqueror eating my resources

Paulo J. Matos pocm at soton.ac.uk
Tue Nov 21 21:35:30 UTC 2006

I'm really sorry but no matter what you say (I even turned cache off),
Konqueror is definitely having a lot of problems in KDE3.5.5.
I don't recall having such problems in previous versions (3.5.2, for
example). It gets to the point with 15 tabs open that my computer just
doesn't run anymore. Mouse doesn't move. Konqueror is 100% on CPU for
several minutes, and memory usage is high, no matter the correctness
of top.
If I'm watching a movie, no more movie, if I'm in a skype call, no
more call, if I'm doing whatever, everything just blocks and I'm don't
even know why, be it cache (which is turned off) or not.

:-( Any way to diagnose this? I would like to help check out the
problem if I can.


Paulo Jorge Matos - pocm at soton.ac.uk
PhD Student @ ECS
University of Southampton, UK

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