[kde-linux] Problems with aspell and non English dictionaries

Flavio Castelli micron at bglug.it
Tue Nov 14 11:41:57 UTC 2006

I've configured KDE in order to use aspell with the Italian dictionary.

When I start spell checking the dictionary used is still the English one, but 
the Italian one is marked as selected also in the spellcheck dialog.

So I removed the English dictionary package and selected again the Italian one 
(that now is the only one available).

Now when I start spell checking it complains that the aspell binary isn't 
available in my path. but that's false because I can run it fine from the 
command line.

Switching dictionaries with Ispell works fine, but I would like to use aspell.

I'm using a debian unstable with kde 3.5.5 and aspell 0.60.4 installed from 
the debian packages.

Thanks in advance

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