[kde-linux] Kate Toolbars

Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Sun Nov 12 17:42:34 UTC 2006

I've been using Kate for a while.  Currently I'm using KDE 3.5.2 on 
Kubuntu Dapper Drake and Kate 2.5.2.  I don't remember when this 
problem first showed up, but I've been using KDE and Kate since about 
2000-2001 and this wasn't a problem then.  I don't know if this is part 
of an undocumented feature, a feature I don't know the name of so I 
can't find it, or if it's a bug.  It looks like it could be related to 
this bug: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67351

When I open Kate or open a new file in Kate, I usually get a minimal 
toolbar, with only a few icons on it.  If I pick Settings->Configure 
Toolbars and change one item's position, then change it back, then 
save, I get the toolbars I'm used to, but there is still no 
consistency.  Sometimes icons I have on the main or part toolbars don't 
show up, or show up in the wrong places.  When I move from one file to 
another, the icons in the toolbars are in different places.

I'd like to be able to specify the toolbars I want, specify what I want 
on them, and have them show up with each new file and for the icons to 
stay in the same places when I switch from one file to another, yet 
this seems impossible.  There is no consistency, even in the failures.  
For example, every time I open a new file, I usually get only a few 
minimal icons on the toolbar (as mentioned above).  I tried that just 
now so I could list the icons it included, but when I opened a new 
file, I didn't get that: I got the icons from the previous file.  
Usually I get the minimal icon set, but now that I wanted it, I don't 
get it.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is there something I can do to keep the 
toolbars and their icons consistent from session to session and file to 


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