[kde-linux] Setting of Proxy Across the Board

Andrew Walbran qwandor at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 18:26:43 UTC 2006

On Friday 10 November 2006 4:27 am, David Baron wrote:
> I have installed Dansguardian and TinyProxy and using the KDE configuration
> too, get it working fine. I would like these settings to apply to all users
> without having to re-setup at each account and not allowing another user to
> defeat it. How do I do this?
Copy the relevant settings from ~/.kde/share/config/kioslaverc 
to /etc/kde3/kioslaverc (paths are for Debian, may be slightly different on 
other distributions). You can prevent users from overriding settings by 
adding [$i] after the key or group name. See http://kde.org/areas/sysadmin/ 
for more information, especially 

It may also be possible to do this with kiosktool.

> The KDE proxy setup applies to konqueror. How might I get it to apply to
> Opera and Mozilla as well? Opera has its own proxy dialog but again, this
> is by user and I want system-wide.
For Mozilla, copy settings from ~/.mozilla/default/*/prefs.js (or 
~/.mozilla/firefox/*/prefs.js to /etc/mozilla/prefs.js.
http://www.mozilla.org/unix/customizing.html#prefs may be helpful.

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