[kde-linux] Is there some method to use a field code such as "%u" in the Name entry of .desktop file?

root mokyj at ajou.ac.kr
Mon Nov 6 06:46:51 UTC 2006

Hi, all

I'm using KDE3.5.5, and trying to add a new action to konqueror's service menu, so I'm adding a
.desktop file in /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus.
The action which I try to make is a action to archive all files in selected directory to .tar.

I can use field codes such as "%u, %f" in Exec entry in .desktop file, but it seems that I can't use
field codes in Name entry. I want to context menu shows such a message "Archive into dir.tar", if
user selected a directory named "dir".

If I could use field codes in Name entry, the problem would have been solved.... Is there anything
to do?

Also, I have another question. Is there a field code which represent "current directory" no a "full
I used "%u", "%f", "%n", but they weren't what I want.

Youngjoon Kim

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