[kde-linux] kdemultimedia and --prefix

Yann Le Doaré yledoare at linuxconsole.org
Tue Mar 21 07:57:36 UTC 2006


my kdelibs and artsd are on /usr/kdelibs and I want to install
kdemultimedia to /usr/kdemultimedia, but when I start noatun I have this
error :

noatun: WARNING: Couldn't instanciate artsobject Noatun::Session. (This
is normally caused by a broken package or compiling kdemultimedia in a
--prefix different from arts.  It may also be from two conflicting
packages, so uninstall every arts/artsd package you have installed and
try again.

Is it possible to install kdemultimedia to another path
than /usr/kdelibs ? Is there some env settings to put ? 

(kde-config --version Qt: 3.3.3 KDE: 3.4.2 kde-config: 1.0)


Yann Le Doaré

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