[kde-linux] Establishing a NFS Server and Defining Network comms Design

Scott Couston - Registration Account alpha096 at tpg.com.au
Mon Mar 20 14:02:32 UTC 2006

Current topology - 4 PC all connected via Eathernet card via ADSL Modem/Router 
running DHCP.

2 PC - "Server" and "Scott have Linux/KDE Desktops.

PC "Server" configured as Samba Server and "Scott" and Samba Client.

Currently able to copy files to PC "Server" and use CUPs remote Printer.

I wish to change to an NFS Server so I can directly backup to PC."server"

I initiated NIS Master Server and NFS Server on PC "Server" and clients on PC 

PC "Scott" cannot see NFS Server or NIS Server.

From all the reading I have done I think I need to run ADSL Directly to PC 
"Server" with 1st Ethernet card as DHCP and set up DHCP/DNS Server and second 
ethernet card out to PC "Scott" for NFS/NIS Server to be active and 
functional .I dont know if current BIND DNS Server removes my need to 
configure one.

1. Please confirm IF I am on correct track. Essentially I need to configure a 
Domain to full extent in the sense that PC "Server" must be the router and 
handle comms in respect to DHCP and DNS? or BIND DNS Server may be adequate?

If it works ok with PC "Scott"  I can run comms out of PC "Server" to a switch 
to 3 other PC's to join LAN

Understand this is a lot of work, however SAMBA Server is not presented as a 
device I can backup to or Serve Files and Provide 1PC to administrate Network 
via NIS.

2. Also in Control Centre > File Sharing apart from providing sharing and 
permissions are there any MANDATORY directories that need to be shared on PC 
"Server" and PC "Scott" that are not present in default presentation?

3. Configuration of 2nd Network card is most unclear in documentation of 
Manually setting up and IP. basically I understand I must enable IP 
forwarding, but most is very vague if I have to undertake this. Help Please?

I cannot find any documentation on Network Configuration anywhere

I dont know if current BIND DNS Server removes my need to configure one.

Product version 1.1.2 (KDE 3.4.2 Level "b" , SUSE 10.0
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