[kde-linux] No mime types installed

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Mar 13 12:59:14 UTC 2006

On Monday 13 March 2006 07:07, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > In a new Fedora Core 4 install I'm having a lot of problems which bring
> > up error messages like
> >
> > Could not find mime type application/octet-stream
> > and
> > No mime types installed.
> >
> > How can I correct this?
> I usually suggest that instead of Fedora's RPMs that you use the KDE on
> Red-Hat RPMs:
> 	http://kde-redhat.sourceforge.net/

There must have been a missing package, I think.  I searched for everything 
kde-related and installed the lot.  I haven't seen the problem since.  It 
would be interesting to know, though, just which package was necessary but 

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