[kde-linux] sys guard starting

Bram Schoenmakers bramschoenmakers at kde.nl
Sat Mar 11 09:27:09 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 10 maart 2006 22:27, schreef Tony Alfrey:
> Hello;
> I run an old installation of Caldera that has kde 3.0.
> Recently, KDE sys guard starts by itself just after the desktop has
> loaded and the kde progress panel has finished.  It is easily stopped
> but it is annoying.  It only happens for user root.  Where should I go
> to look in the kde start-up configuration files that might somehow have
> been corrupted?
> Thanks

Probably there's a KSysGuard reference in the autostart folder 
(~/.kde/Autostart). Remove it and no KSysGuard anymore upon starting.

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