[kde-linux] applications' launch during kde startup

Rick Friedman rickfriedman at verizon.net
Fri Mar 10 17:58:46 UTC 2006

On Fri March 10 2006 12:30, Tomas C. wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> i have two scripts in ~/.kde/Autostart which starts amsn and skype.
> if i reboot my computer without turning off those application, when kde
> starts again,
> it launches two skypes and to amsns.
> so, the question is, where should i turn off the feature which starts
> the programs( wich were not
> shutted down before restarting computer) after kde starts again?
> thanx

Go to KMenu->Control Center->KDE Components->Session Manager

There, you should find a text box labeled: "Applications to be excluded from 
sessions". Enter in the applications separated by a comma. In your case you 
would enter: amsn,skype

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