[kde-linux] Configure Panel empty!

Mark Ness mark at noneinc.us
Sat Mar 4 13:12:11 UTC 2006

Jason Mancini wrote:

>>From: Bob Tennent
>>This "fixes" the symptom *until* you re-configure, and then it reverts.
>>Better to do without Panel configuration.  Where *is* the problem?
I know very little about KDE except that I like it, but like I said, I 
had no problems
with the initial update (FC3 kde 3.4 to 3.5.1 via yum) and only had 
problems later
with with the update of 3 more packages.

If you are knowlegeable and able, I would be happy to post the list of 
included in my update for you to compare with your list and maybe you 
can find
out where the problem is. (or not ;-) ). Or if someone else is 
interested in looking
into it...

BTW is your Panel config window actually empty (you said virtually) or 
does it
have the taskbar config portion or some other config option?

Also, I have done no reconfiguration so I've no further problem.

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