[kde-linux] Problem with media:/

Teresa and Dale teendale at vista-express.com
Sun Jun 25 17:52:32 UTC 2006

Jacek Jablonski wrote:

>Sorry, error occured, I use kde 3.5.1. Fedora is on my laptop but it
>will probably be here only 3 days. Then I will move to ubuntu. On my
>PC I have gentoo, as well. It is the best :)
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It seems to be really stable as long as you run stable.  Redhat,
Mandrake and others seem to run farther behind.  I think they are
sorting out this problem because I have not seen it in a while now.  Of
course, mediamanager is not working but at least I don't get that pop up.

Gentoo is great.  I have no plans of switching any time soon.

:-)  :-)

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